Day 9 Homeschool Preschool with Bugzy & Buddy

Homeschool preschool

Our schedule is evolving dramatically as the second week of preschool homeschool is nearing its close. One of the lessons I have always kept with me since my first year of teaching is if something doesn’t work, be brave and try something new! So today we expanded our schedule and Bugzy and Buddy had a great day learning through play.

In school, my non-negotiable was our read-aloud and independent/conference writing time. At home, it is read-aloud time and the Secret Story alphabet song. I bought this resource on Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s, and it was worth every penny! My kids love singing this song all the time.

I have noticed the ease of prepping, transition time between activities, and overall calmer behavior from kids as this second week of home learning has progressed. Watching my kids fall in love with knowledge has been such a joy. Hearing Bugzy say- “I love math!” Today made me especially happy. I always excelled in math and did horribly in reading/writing, so to hear her enthusiasm was reassuring. Also, I decided to drop our workbook math, which has also helped.

So here is a quick reflection of how day nine of homeschool preschool went for us today. 

Bugzy & Buddy Learning at Home Schedule 

  • Playdough & coloring
  • Read aloud (We Rock Classmates)
  • Hid and Seek Dinosaurs (Hot & Cold game)
  • Math counting and attributes lesson with light table and rainbow resources
  • Board games
  • Snack & Outdoor play
  • Read Aloud – The Good Egg
  • Experiment coloring wooden eggs
  • Calendar pattern work
  • Free play
  • Lunch
  • Field Trip
  • Word Work (“sh,” “ch,” “th” word search in our weekly chart)

I may earn from qualifying purchases through affiliate links as an Amazon Associate. But also, I just love these products and have them at my home.

Math Activities for Today’s Homeschool Preschool Learning

We used our $15 light table to have fun counting, identifying, and practicing 1:1 correspondence today. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of the math curriculum I purchased. So I have been looking over the lesson and then planning a hands-on lesson to cover the same skills instead of using the workbook. For the last few days, it has worked well.

For today’s lesson, I used colorful, translucent gems and cubes for learning. My younger child, Buddy, had fun building towers with the cubes and knocking them over on the light board while Bugzy was sorting and categorizing the materials. This play made it easier for me to work with both kids on their different learning levels. These blocks came from Happy Monkey Shop- Bauspiel Lucent Cubes-not an affiliate link. This product is a splurge, but we use them every day.

We used sumblox to practice 1:1 correspondence for numbers 1-5. We then continued using the same materials to put numbers 1-5 in increasing and decreasing order. Finally, after Bugzy finished sorting all the materials by shape, color, and size, we used the materials to make examples for counting and identifying numbers 1-5. See the below pictures for examples of these activities. 

Read Aloud of The Good Egg

The series that started with The Good Egg by Jory John is adorable! I just bought the entire set from Scholastic, including the Halloween book.

I read The Good Egg to Buddy and Bugzy, and then we decided we wanted to make our own “good eggs.” Of course, Bugzy thought making them vibrant colors would help, so the wooden eggs went into vinegar and food coloring. We will decorate them and make them a little world to play in for sensory play tomorrow.

Word Work for Homeschool Preschool

Secret Stories- Bugzy wanted to know what letters were in the word fish. So she pulled out the Secret Stories book for us to look up why fish is spelled that way. Then we searched for them in our poem of the week and other books. She then wanted to review finding “ch” words and “th” words. This resource makes my mama’s heart skip a beat! I love seeing how it’s helping my daughter!

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