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Welcome to Live Learn Literacy! I love teaching! I was a teacher for eight years before staying home with my kids and now homeschooling them. I created Live Learn Literacy to share my journey of finding resources that helped my children grow and learn.


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Snowflake Decoding Practice for Short Vowel Word Activities

These letter cards are used daily for the first few minutes of reading instruction in January and February. Then, I print, laminate, and cut each card out for prep. I have used similar cards since August so that children will understand the activity by January. This month, we added blends to build CVC words and …


Chris C. Moreno

I love teaching! I taught for over eight years in the classroom before taking a break to stay home with my children and privately tutor. I love teaching all subjects, but I specialize in all aspects of literacy. My love and passion for literature came out of fear when I was a student. I wasn’t able to read until I was in third grade. This struggle allowed me to develop endless strategies to help struggling students like myself. I teach my students to see their failures as an incredible opportunity to rise above and soar! My students become family, so I want my LIVE LEARN LITERACY community to be the same. I’m here if you need anything. I’ll help in any way I can.


If you need a specific reading or writing lesson created, I would love to help. Please contact me, I’d love to develop new content to reach your children.

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