Teaching a child to learn to write doesn’t seem to be on every teacher’s favorite things to teach list, and yet it is for me. Hands down- if I could teach only one thing, it would be writing! My goal is always to make my writing fun and engaging for all learners and to build confidence while teaching tricky skills. Please find the below resources useful for your classroom or home. Please click on the video below to view on Youtube.

Your students will enjoy learning how to write more specific, descriptive sentences with this lesson using Animoji and Memoji characters.
Sometimes the hardest thing for students is to get their ideas on to the paper. This lesson will teach students a strategy to write using specific details. The goal of this lesson is to have students be able to go through three steps to write ONE descriptive sentence. There is also a practice opportunity at the end of the lesson to test out their ideas again after reflecting on their progress through the lesson.
Opinion Statement Practice Activity using the strategy Basic, Better, Best is a simple and effective way of helping students build a strong sentence that will explain their thoughts about a given topic.
This mini lesson teaches students grades 3-5 to read an informational writing prompt and identify the keywords from the prompt. This is an introductory lesson about informational writing. Once students know how to identify keywords from a prompt, they can use this skill to help them formulate a topic sentence. Using the strategies in this lesson, will also help your student stay on topic for their writing.
Here are my three favorite handwriting strategies I use with students that struggle to make legible writing for grades 3, 4, and 5.


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