Ravi’s Roar Book Activities

We loved reading Ravi’s Roar by Tom Percival! My daughter told me she wants to grab this book the next time she gets upset to re-read it. And the next day, my son started screaming and crying, and she looked at me, threw up her arms, and said, “Ok, I’m getting the book.” She explained to her brother reading it would help him feel better. It made my mama heart so happy to watch this exchange. Here are some of our favorite activities for Ravi’s Roar.

Ravi’s Roar Read- Aloud Mini-Lesson Focus:

  • Symbolism from colors
  • Cause & effect
  • Problem & solution
  • Feelings & emotions

Animal Characteristics and Feelings Comparison

Using animal figures, I asked my kids which animals showed different emotions. I let them act out a feeling and then showed how the various animals would demonstrate the same sentiment. For example, my son’s favorite was pretending to be an angry t-rex roaring and stomping. 

In the tray the kids put their favorite animals to show the emotions happy, sad, angry, excited, and calm.

Follow-Up Activity- Story of the Day with Ravi’s Roar

I wrote notes as the children acted out the emotions and feelings of different animals. Then they picked one animal to create their own story of the day. I was their scribe and wrote their ideas down. Then typed out their ideas, and they illustrated them. 

Another idea is to show pictures of animals and ask children to write a sentence pretending to become that animal and act out the emotion demonstrated by the animal. My daughter then had a text to text connection remembering the line from Quick as a Cricket, “I’m as a sad as a Bassett hound” by Audrey and Don Wood. We grabbed that book and started making more animal and emotion comparisons.

Book Discussion Focus Questions 

After reading the book, we talked about our emotions and behaviors. Below are some questions that helped drive our conversation, but Dr. Becky’s Podcasts and IG account are better than mine; Dr. Becky Podcast- Good Inside. She has the most incredible scripts and advice that has made an enormous difference in our home. I love hearing my kids start to use her wording back to me when they get upset. For example, “I didn’t expect that to happen.”

  • What would you do if you were Ravi before he roared?
  • What strategies can you think of that he could use next time?
  • Why did Ravi turn into a tiger? Was it one thing or many that added up?
  • If Ravi was your brother, how could you help him when he gets frustrated or angry?

Follow-up Read-Aloud Picture Books 

  • Quick as a Cricket by Audrey Wood & Don Wood
  • Animal Colors Life-The-Flap Learning Fun

For more book activities for with the book Quick as a Cricket and other Audrey Wood books, please visit my blog; Audrey Wood Book Activities.

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