CVC Word Building Activity- Science of Reading Center

My child is ready to start learning CVC words. So I put this word-building activity together to keep reading engaging, fun, and hopefully effective.
I started learning about the Science of Reading recently, and I love how it has shifted my own “best practices” that I used to use in the classroom and gave me ideas of how to change my teaching practices to be more effective for my children.

This hands-on learning activity has helped my child enjoy learning to read, so I’m excited to learn more and incorporate more SOR activities now.

CVC Reading and writing center activity.

What are CVC words? 

CVC words are three-letter words with a consonant, vowel, consonant pattern. For example, the word cat. In that word, a is the vowel between the consonant letters c and t. I introduced CVC words with word family words. Additionally, the words cat, rat, sat, and bat are part of the -at word family. 

CVC Word Building Center Materials

  • Letter chips
  • Tray (mine are from Michael’s)
  • Free Word Building handout (see below file)
  • Build a word letter linking cubes
  • Pop- It Journal or pop it mat
  • Expo marker
  • Pen, marker, crayon
  • Bingo chips
  • Optional- magnetic wand if bingo chips are magnetic

How to use the CVC mat as a center activity? 

Using a tray that fits 8 1/2 x 11 paper will fit the mat. Next, I use a small container for linking letter cubes and an additional container for the bingo chips. I prefer using magnetic bingo chips, that way while my child reads the word again at the end of the activity, she swipes over the chips with her magnetic wand and scoops up all the letters.

The pop-it mat or journal also fits within the tray I purchased from Michael’s. My daughter loves using the outside of the journal to tap out the sounds of the word. Then she makes a list of words she worked on on the inside pages.

Once the tray is set up, my kids use CVC picture cards, flashcards, or words I say aloud to build words. To build words we use magnetic letters, linking cubes from Hands2Mind, and also acrylic cubes that can have letters written on.

My child has been working on handwriting practice so I included a section for writing the word on some versions of the mat.

How does this activity use Science of Reading? 

The mat includes areas for children to practice phonemic awareness. For example, the sections- hear it, and tap it sections. Children hear a word and place counters or gems in boxes to represent how many sounds in the word they hear. They can also tap with their fingers to do the same. Next, I use the mat to teach the phonics rule or skill behind the word the child is learning. We use Secret Stories as a base for my phonic lessons. Another great resource is Sarah Paul for additional SOR resources. They are not affiliate links, I just absolutely love their resources for teaching reading!

Phonics Lesson Follow-Up Resource

Along with this center activity, I use Secret Stories cards and wall posters for my children to build CVC words. We love using Secret Stories to learn why words are spelled the way they are.

I’m finishing games and hands-on center activities for more CVC and Word Family activities. I’ll hopefully be able to update this page with links to those completed files soon.

Storage for this center is an IKEA container that sorts all the resources.

Favorite Reading Resources From Amazon

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I was a teacher before becoming a SAHM, turned homeschool parent. I love creating activities for my kids that keep them wanting to learn more. So for more similar activities to this one about CVC Word Building, please see my other posts below. Thanks- Chrissy

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