Winter Animal Sensory Activities 

My kids, Bugzy and Buddy had fun using the globe today to learn about animals found in the woodland areas, the Arctic, and Antarctica. A quick mini-lesson using our Orboot globe helped the kids compare and contrast the habitats of these different animals and set up the perfect winter animal sensory activity that followed. 

Winter Animal Sensory Activity Set-Up

Sorting Winter Animals Using a Globe

The beginning of this lesson was setting up three white trays using three expo markers writing “Arctic Animals,” “Antarctic Animals,” and “Woodland Animals.” Then, using the globe, nonfiction books, and our iPad for research, the children sorted various animal figurines into the different trays. We discussed the similarities and differences found in the animals of these areas. After that, we discussed the habitats of these areas.

Sorting activity to find similarities and differences between woodland, Arctic, and animals from Antarctica.

Sensory Activity Exploring with Winter Animals

First, I prepared the sensory tuff tray by spreading white sand, blue & white gems, and black rocks around the bin’s base.

Next, the kids selected which category of animals to play with for the follow-up activity. Bugzy and Buddy made tracks in the snow, and explored what the arctic habitat would be like for different animals for our next sensory activity.

The children played with these materials for a while. They ended up switching different animals as time passed and paused from that play to sort the gems into color and size categories.

Set up for Winter Animal Sensory Tray

Winter Animal Sensory Activities Materials

  • Tuff tray 
  • Orboot Globe & app
  • Three trays (Ikea)
  • Expo markers 
  • Animal figurines (Lakeshore Learning )
  • Sand 
  • Blue and white gems (Michael’s)
  • Black rocks (Michael’s)
  • Scoops, containers, cups, magnifying glass
  • Nonfiction books about animals found in woodland areas, the arctic, and Antarctica

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This tuff tray is used almost daily in my house. I throw it on a table and add things like kinetic sand, or colored rice and loose parts and the kids have sensory play for at least an hour.

My kids love being able to use the globe with Orboot to learn new things. The program has an Eco Challenge game, culture facts, and animal facts for all around the world.

For this activity I have used white sand, kinetic sand, as well as painted rice to get the appearance of the arctic. What’s great about kinetic sand is that is lasts for such a long time and the kids love to play with it over and over again.

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