Day 6 & 7 Homeschool Preschool 

Today was a great learning day for my kids Bugzy and Buddy. Somehow we managed to get everything accomplished we wanted to fit in the schedule, I’m still shocked since most of the day I was suffering with a migraine. But I’m excited for the improvement I am seeing in the kids with behavior and learning expectations. But I took ZERO pictures. So we will have to move on to share how Day 7 learning at home was like for Bugzy and Buddy.

Day 7 Homeschool Preschool with Bugzy & Buddy

Today was a busy day. I pretended we didn’t have to rush to finish everything by a certain time today (which we needed to). I tried to relax the expectations I set for the day to help.

The kids LOVED that we started with a sensory activity about vets at the zoo. We use to start the day with sensory activities. I feel like it’s easier for the kids to focus during the day when they start playing with activities like this right away.

Day 7 Preschool Homeschool Schedule

  1. Sensory Activity & Read Aloud- Vet at the Zoo
  2. Meeting to discuss schedule & add choice activities to list
  3. Review schedule chart & rules 
  4. Centers (only two today)
  5. Reading & Writing Activities
  6. Walk/ Play Outside
  7. Snack
  8. Math- Identifying, counting, ordering numbers 1-5

Day 7 Centers For Preschool & Toddler Learn Through Play Activities

  • The kids pick which activity they complete. Then I monitor and work with each one until time is up and we switch centers.

Center 1- Vet at the Zoo

I used a half size tuff tray from amazon and filled it with left over green and brown sensory materials like lentils and colored chickpeas. Then I added animal figurines and wooden blocks. Lastly, I gave them a tub of all their favorite vet tools and a book called the Curious Vet at the Zoo. We read the book together while they played. They pretended to give all the animals check-ups and shots.

Center 2- Number 1-5 Writing

This center was meant to be Chicka 123 related but I ran out of time to cut out extra palm trees so instead kids traced numbers 1-5 in colored rice like yesterday. It has been helping my daughter feel more relaxed about writing her numbers and letters so this will be a daily activity for a while.

Writing numbers practice was done with colored rice, paint brush, and number flash cards.

* Centers 3 & 4 turned into lesson activities. *

Center 3- Secret Stories Reading 

We read the book A Dog Needs a Bone by Audrey Wood and we looked for different sounds the letter o makes in the book. This book is PERFECT for teaching about the letter o. It uses the -one word family to rhyme and includes a wide variety of beginning sight words that include the letter o. It was seamless to introduce “secret stories” about different o sounds using this book. We paused for oo, ow, ou, -one, and mommy e, “Secret Stories”.

For more Audrey Wood book ideas please see my post Best Activities and Lessons for Preschool Children using Books Written by Audrey Wood.

Center 4- Match 5

We turned this math center into a math lesson using lucent cubes and stacking them from 1-5. We did this activity using stickers, dot paint, and cubes today. My son was helping paint patterns on paper while my daughter used stickers to make a pattern as well. Then I would clap and they would identify how many claps they heard.

Lastly, we used the cubes to reinforce identifying, and ordering numbers 1-5. We ended the lesson with a challenge of how fast we can build the cubes in order.

Today was a shorter day than normal for learning because of appointments, but the kids were focused and enjoyed the activities so it was worth it to not rush and pack more into the day.

When we got home we read a few more books and my daughter kept reminding me about Secret Stories in words she heard. My heart was happy! This afternoon included hours more of pretend play of being a vet.

Also I was told by the pediatrician that my son is on track with speech so my worry about a speech delay was wrong. I felt such a sigh of relief. But I do know I need to focus on adding more 1:1 time with him and continue working on his communication.

The living room transforms into an animal hospital most days lately.

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