Day 3 Homeschool Preschool with Bugzy & Buddy

Homeschool preschool

Day three of preschool at home for my kids Bugzy and Buddy had some challenges. I kept thinking how my principal use to tell us to “breathe” whenever we had to change plans quickly in the classroom. 

On a brighter note, my son’s speech improved today! He was trying to sing and talk more. It made the more challenging moments worth it. Buddy is a toddler, and Bugzy is a preschooler. So it has been fun and challenging to find and create activities that work well to challenge my daughter and can be modified to work well for my son. Not everything was a success, but we all learned something today! 

Day 3 Early Education Homeschool Schedule

  1. Review schedule chart & rules 
  2. Centers
  3. Reading & Writing 
  4. Walk/ Play Outside
  5. Snack
  6. Math
  7. Craft & Sensory Play
  8. Puzzle & Experiments 
  9. Lunch 
  10. Field Trip 
Preschool at home schedule

Day 3 Center Activities

* Bugzy & Buddy pick which activity they want to complete. Then I monitor and work with each one until the time is up and we switch centers. I started day 1-2 with two options at a time. Today we had all four available at one time, and children quickly picked and began working on their activities. 

Be a Vet: My daughter created this center using vet kit materials to check on different animals. Usually, the entire room turns into an animal hospital, so I commend her restrain today to limiting it to just one center activity.

Kids used B. and Melissa & Doug vet kits for play today.

Build a Letter: Buddy used play dough, and Bugzy used gems as well as interlocking beads to practice forming letters today. These letter charts came from Miss Kindergarten Morning Tubs on TPT. I love this resource!

build a letter

Pom Pom Patterns & Writing Numbers: Different colored pom poms, tongs, and base-ten grids were used to create AB and ABC patterns. The other option in this area is to practice writing numbers 1-10 using expo markers. The writing numbers resource also came from Miss Kindergarten Morning Tub for Kindergarten from TPT. I love her resources!

Build a Robot: The kids used the Lakeshore Learning robot set to create their robots. Then they had fun testing out their creations to see if they were able to move. I loved watching their minds work to solve the problem of their designs to make their projects gain motion. 

Reading & Writing

We started the lesson with Secret Stories, “The Better Alphabet Song.” I can not express in words how unbelievable Secret Stories by Katie Garner has been for my kids so far!

I learned about Secret Stories from Jill Kokinda. She is the most incredible kindergarten teacher! I learned so much from interning in her classroom.

First, Jill would tell students a funny story and song about letters and their sounds. Then, like magic, I watched as the students began searching and identifying words with these same sounds. All these years later, I still remember the lessons she taught from Secret Stories. I’m so grateful she introduced me to this resource! The growth her students see in just one school year from this and many other resources she uses is incredible! 

Buddy singing “The Better Alphabet Song” by Secret Stories.

My son LOVES this song so much! We listen to it about ten times a day since I bought it. I purchased it from TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) in addition to the “Pretty Color Secret Stories Set” from All the posters arrive tonight! I’m sure I’ll be staying up late to get the playroom ready to start using these posters right away.

Then we did a read-aloud with Miss Smith Reads! And Miss Smith Reads Under the Ocean by Michael Garland. After reading, we did a quick compare and contrast discussion with the story.

Other books we read today include;

  • Wordy Birdy by Tammi Sauer
  • The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson
  • Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes
  • Creepy Crawly Calypso (Part of Hola Amigo set)

Next was a quick Learning Dynamics letter lesson for the letter g.

Math Lesson 

Today we focused on counting from 1-5. Bugzy tried writing the number five as well as using different materials to count to five. We used toys, unisex cubes, blocks, cubes, and links today.

I wanted to introduce using links as an informal use of measurement for this activity. Bugzy used these colorful links earlier in the lesson to measure the length of her toys. Then she ordered the toys from shortest to longest.


Then we used Magnatiles to create a ramp to experiment with distance. We used links to measure the distance of the different ramps we made. Unfortunately, kids lost all the cars for our Magnatile sets, but we had dinosaur cars that worked for this activity. We will try this again and compare distances when we find the correct cars for this set.

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