Bugzy & Buddy Homeschool Preschool Day 2

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I was overly confident this morning, thinking I was completely prepared for each and every activity day two preschool at home had planned. But I quickly realized I was missing materials that I thought I prepped the night before.

When I taught fourth grade, I didn’t worry if I was missing something; I would give a quick 5-minute pair/share activity and gather what I needed from around the room before the kids noticed what I was doing. Now with a toddler and preschooler, every second is watched, followed, and glued onto me.

So… we didn’t get to have an experiment today. But that’s ok, I ended with my sanity intact, so I’ll call today a win overall.

Overview of our Day 2 Preschool Homeschool Schedule 

  1. Review schedule chart & rules 
  2. Centers
  3. Reading & Writing 
  4. Walk/ Play Outside
  5. Snack
  6. Math Lesson 
  7. Craft/ Sensory Play
  8. Puzzle & Experiments 
  9. Lunch 
  10. Field Trip 
  • We reviewed the chart and rules more than day one, Bugzy kept referring back to the chart whenever Buddy would become distracted from the given activity . 

Learning Centers for Day 2 Homeschool Preschool

Pom Pom Patterns- Math Skill Center

Children used a base-ten grid from day one with pom-poms to form an AB pattern. Bugzy added interlocking materials to this on her own to make a necklace with a pink/purple design when she finished her work. 

Make Letter Art- Literacy Skill Center

Today, Buddy and Bugzy finished decorating construction paper letters with gems, sequins, colored glue, and crayons. Tomorrow the goal is to spell out their names with these finished crafts. 

Write Numbers 1-10- Math Skill Center

This resource came from Miss Kindergarten, I bought her Kindergarten Beginning Year Morning Tubs on TPT. I love her resources; she is incredible! Buddy worked on his grip holding markers and scribbled happily on the charts while Bugzy focused her practice on writing numbers 1-10 and used gems to count out the numbers she wrote. 

Build a Letter- Literacy Skill Center

This is also included in the Miss Kindergarten Morning Tub resource from TPT. Kids used colorful interlocking beads to form letters of the alphabet. Kids really liked this center, so I’ll include it again tomorrow.

Reading & Writing Day 2 Preschool Homeschool Lesson

We focused on learning the letter D using the Learning Dynamics lesson, handout, and song. We also listening and sang “The Better Alphabet Song” by Secret Stories about ten times. My son, who is a late talker, kept saying, “More, more!” Every time the song finished playing. I was so excited to see his reaction and attempts to sing along, my heart was ecstatic.

We read The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce as our read-aloud today. This book was my students’ favorite in fourth grade, so I was excited to read it to my children. Bugzy loved the color changes throughout the book and loved the ending and how it became a book within a book.

Then we reread Woody Birdy from yesterday. Click here for a sensory activity we did after reading Wordy Birdy.

Math Day 2 Lesson for Preschool Homeschool 

Today’s lesson focused on reading, writing, counting, and identifying the numbers 3 & 4. I struggled to use the workbook I bought for my daughter. Instead, I used resources around the house; toys, gems, and links to complete the lesson. She still wrote in the book, but I reinforced the skills with added materials.

Reflection of Day 2 Preschool Homeschool for Bugzy and Buddy

Overall the children enjoyed the day; they laughed and played which was everything I hoped to accomplish today. But I was drained from trying to be present all the time to reduce behavior concerns that arose the day before. 

Things I would change for tomorrow’s learning

  • Have an extra center and extra puzzle ready for quicker transition time.
  • Additional read-aloud book ready to go. 
  • Try and plan more 1:1 time with each child during different parts of the day to help with behavior. 

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