Activities with Ten Little Fish by Audrey Wood

Ten Little Fish by Audrey Wood is one of the most treasured books in our home. We love all Audrey Wood’s books, especially this story, because of its clever rhyme and rhythm, making children want to read it repeatedly. I created some easy-to-set-up activities for my children to play and create after reading this book to add to the counting fun.

Ten Little Fish by Audrey wood 

Skill: Counting 1-10 (Counting up to ten, and down to one)

Ages: Baby-5 yrs

My children love, love, love this book! They love the colorful illustrations, the rhyme, and turning the pages quickly to continue the counting in the story. For example, “There are ten little fish, swimming in a line. One dives down, and now there are…” The kids try and flip the page quickly to get to yell, “nine!” (Ten Little Fish, Wood).

We already have to buy a new copy since our copy has been worn from reading it so often. 

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Counting Craft with Ten Little Fish by Audrey wood 

My daughter and I made ten little fish out of paper after reading the book. I made a model fish as a template to trace and cut out. My daughter designed the fish after looking back through the book for ideas. I laminated the fish to help make them last longer. Then, we had fun counting and retelling the story.

Materials for Counting Fish Craft:

Process & Play Ideas:

  1. Draw ten fish on paper or let your child design their own fish. Another way to do this is to make one template fish, then line up ten sheets of paper and cut the fish shape out at one time, as shown below.
  2. Color and decorate the fish.
  3. Laminate the completed fish.
  4. Then cut out all ten fish.

After we cut out the fish, my daughter went back to the book to line them up as the book does. Then I made a sensory bin to use the fish as part of the play.

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Sensory Bin with Ten Little Fish

Materials for Ten Little Fish Sensory Bin

Set up for Ten Little Fish sensory play.

We layered a tray with kinetic sand and wooden numbers for hands-on learning activity. My kids had the fish dance around the tray while I reread the book, and we continued to count our fish. In their tool bin for this kit, I added some ocean figures to continue playing and making more connections to counting other sea creatures.

For more Audrey Wood’s book ideas, please visit my post Best Activities and Lessons for Preschool Children using Books Written by Audrey Wood. She is my all-time favorite children’s book author, and we read her books constantly at our house. Here is her website for even more resources and book information.

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