Coffee Filter Flower Craft

When I worked with kindergarteners for aftercare over a decade ago, I loved using tissue paper to make flowers with my children all the time. It became one of my go-to activities when we couldn’t play outside. Using coffee filters is my new take on that classic craft. It’s easier to set-up, decorate, fold, and clean when kids are done creating then the traditional way of making tissue paper flowers. I hope you enjoy making this version of coffee filter flower craft with your children.

I was inspired to use coffee filters from One Little Project who made butterflies from coffee filters. That craft was a hit with my daughter last week. We did a simplified version that you would find on One Little Project website and used only one coffee filter. She LOVED using all the colors of the rainbow to cover the coffee filter with washable markers. Then I realized how similar that design was to how I use to make the tissue paper flowers, so we gave it a try, and they turned out better and easier than I thought they would!

Butterfly and flower made out of Do a Dot paint on coffee filters.

This flower craft is one of those five-minute activities that will make your child happy for hours after! My daughter is still playing with her paper flowers days later after making them. 

Materials I used to Make the Coffee Filter Flower Craft

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  • 5+ coffee filters per flower
  • Do A Dot Art! Paint (We used Shimmers)
  • Green pipe cleaners
Same materials we used to make coffee filter butterflies, we used to make coffee filter flowers. I just added green pipe cleaners.

Steps for Making the Coffee Filter Flower Craft

I use the same steps from the classic tissue papercraft that my students loved a decade ago. 

Step 1: Paint Coffee Filters

Paint the coffee filter paper and let it dry. We used Do A Dot paint to cover the coffee filter paper, but washable markers worked well. For other Do A Dot Activities please see my other blog that includes this fun craft material after reading Eric Carle Books. .

Step 2: Put Your Paintings in Order

Paint the coffee filter any design your child wants, then let it dry completely. Then you are ready to line them up in one pile.

Step 3: Fold the Painted Coffee Filters

Accordion fold your pile of filters back and forth from top to bottom until you have one 1/2 inch strip left. It will be about ten folds. Tip- larger folds give you less detailed flowers. If you make smaller, tighter folds in the filter, the more ruffles will result in your flower craft. Because this is tricky for preschool and kindergarten children, you might want to start the process for them. My students got the hang of it after a few tries. My daughter isn’t ready for this process yet, but it’s a good practice activity for her.

Step 4: Add the Stem

Find the middle of the folded strip by folding it in half. Wrap the pipe cleaner at this center point. You can either make a small tight loop with about 2 inches of pipe cleaner and twist it around the centerline. The other option is to fold the pipe cleaner in half around the center point and rotate the double line of pipe cleaner until the stem’s end forms one firm but a shorter stem.

Step 5: Pull the Pedals toward the Center

Slowly pull back each layer of painted paper until it reaches the center point. Fluff the remaining sheets toward the centerline. Then ruffle your finished flower as desired to make your pedals as full as you prefer.

Step 6: Enjoy!

If you are making multiple coffee filter flowers, connect them all together to make a bouquet.

For more hands-on learning activities for your young learners, please see more posts below.

Hopefully you enjoyed making these easy, and beautiful coffee filter flower craft. Thank you for visiting.

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