Mrs. Moreno’s Mission

Learning to read and write is not something that every child or every educator is excited to learn. But I hope to change that with my LIVE LEARN LITERACY curriculum.

Failing second grade gave me an incredible gift. That struggle leads me to fight to learn more, push past disappointment, and see another way to succeed. My failure showed me how to be a successful teacher. Hopefully, it will help your child, students, or even yourself with the strategies I have developed throughout the years to help other students like myself find the tools they need to excel.

Struggling in school is a badge of honor to me. It made me the educator I am and helped me develop endless new ways to teach the same skill. To the point that I know work with a student and instantly come up with a customized lesson plan to better reach their specific learning needs. I worked tirelessly on the weekends and summers because I was so excited about what I created to help my students.

Struggling students have always been the most incredible children. Their dedication, drive, and endless perseverance makes me want to help them learn more.

My reason for wanting to help other students is because of one of my first aftercare students named Steven. He was labeled a troubled child. Yet Steven was hilarious, caring, and energetic. One day I asked him to sit at the picnic table for a minute to cool down after he was playing rough with another student. I asked him to explain what was going on. Steven responded that his teacher, classmates, friends, family all would tell him that he was a bad kid. By the age of five, he realized if enough people label you, you can start believing it about yourself. At that moment, besides crying, I decided to become a teacher. I wanted to be the change the world needed for students like Steven.

I then taught third and fourth grade for about eight years before I had kids of my own and decided to take a break from school to work with 1:1 students and my children. I miss my classroom, but I’m excited to see where this next chapter can bring for my lessons.

Creating a curriculum is my passion. Sharing activities that make learning fun and engaging is my mission! I want to be able to help more students like Steven. I’m here to help in any and every way possible. By sharing what I have learned over the years, I hope to help educators, students, and parents learn to LOVE learning literacy!


As I write more blogs the topics will be about;

* Basic writing skill lessons grades 3-5

* Strategies for struggling writers grades 3-5

* Opinion writing lessons grades 3-5

* Informational writing lessons grades 3-5

* Reading lessons for fiction skills grades 3-5

* Reading lessons for nonfiction skills grades 3-5

* Preschool book activities

* Preschool sensory play activities

* At home learning organization solutions

* Classroom & at home learning set up

I have seen the power reading can have on my students. I hope to reach as many more new students as possible by sharing my literacy curriculum.

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